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Wolfgang Beltracchi transforms his mastery into NFTs

Ortal Hadad

Renowned forger, Wolfgang Beltracchi turns the Leonardo da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi” into his first collection of “The Greats” NFT masterpieces. 

One of the most well-known art forgers, Wolfgang Beltracchi returns to his skill. Although, this time through the independence of NFTs

Wolfgang Beltracchi is probably one of the most talented forgers in the world. He has made millions creating works he pretended to be the creations of classical artists. For instance, he has done this pretending to be artists such as Max Ernst and Fernand Léger. Eventually, people caught Beltracci for his deeds and he ended up spending some time in jail. He was also exempt from selling and displaying his artwork in museums and exhibitions.

True scale of alleged Beltracchi forgeries revealed

Now, although, he returns to the art world. He has reworked a piece that most attribute to the famous Leonardo da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi”. This time, however, Beltracchi is putting his own name on the work and, instead of simply recreating the painting, he has restyled it to fit various era-based styles. 

The many faces of Wolfgang Beltracchi’s “Salvator Mundi” NFT

“Salvator Mundi” was an interesting choice for Wolfgang Beltracchi, who chose to use this as his first NFT in his new project “The Greats”. For starters, there are debates as to whether da Vinci actually painted the whole entire piece, or whether it was a collaboration among other artists. Ironically, the fact the artist is debatable is suitable for Beltracchi who had many people believe his works were the works of others before him. 

In total Beltracchi is releasing 4,608 NFTs in his new project, “The Greats”. Of the “Salvator Mundi” NFTs, Beltrachhi restyled the painting in various ways following different artist eras. For example, this includes designs of the artwork in a high renaissance, post-impressionist, surrealistic and post-art style. In addition, he has also reworked the pieces in what he calls his own special “Beltracchi” style. While all the artworks carry the iconism and central aspects of “Salvator Mundi” none of them are alike. In fact, they are all very different and yet all extremely impressive.

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Where can I buy one of “The Greats” NFTs?

The Wolfgang Beltracchi NFTs will all be on auction from October 18 and yet there are various ways to get involved in these sales. 

Most NFTs are up for sale through a fair dutch auction on “The Greats” NFT site. The starting price is 10,000 ETH, whereby, this price continuously drops till it reaches a minimum price of 3 ETH. Meanwhile, buyers can bid throughout till the minimum price is reached or until all NFTs are sold out. Once the bidding is over Beltracchi’s team will choose a settlement price to determine what price the buyers actually have to pay. The team will reimburse those who have bid at a higher price. 

While NFT sales may be intimidating to someone new to crypto, Beltracchi made sure to accommodate his non-crypto fans as well. In fact, some of the NFTs will go for sale on an open auction on Binance NFT marketplace. This will still start on the 18th, but will only last for 72 hours. 

Master Forger Wolfgang Beltracchi Shows Off His Skills (and Pointed Humor)  With a New NFT Collection | Artnet News

Lastly, it is important to note that “The Greats” NFT sale is a hidden sale. This means that buyers will not know what NFT they are buying till after they have purchased it. Instead, the Wolfgang Beltracchi NFT masterpiece a buyer receives will only be discovered shortly after minting. Although to keep things secure and ensure everything is strictly at random, Beltracchi used Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function.

Those interested in more information or in purchasing a Wolfgang Beltracchi “Salvator Mundi” NFT can do so on “The Greats” site

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