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Wiz Khalifa NFTs are rolling up on Portion

Ortal Hadad
Wiz khalifa

Things are about to get dope! Rapper Wiz Khalifa and 3D artist Antoni Tudisco drop an exclusive set of 10 Wiz x Antoni NFTs.

On Friday, October 15 the first set of Wiz Khalifa NFTs are launching on Portion marketplace.

Khalifa is an award-winning rapper who’s acquired fame from many of his big hits including “Black and Yellow” and “See you Again”. The rapper, who wears many hats, has taken on acting before as well as producing his own personal app, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, which attracted 10.1 million downloads. Now, however, he sets on a new adventure into the world of NFTs. He does so in collaboration with well-known 3D artist Antoni Tudisco who has previously worked with big brands including Adidas, Versace, Mercedes Benz and Nike.

Their limited edition set of Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs is certainly going to be dope!

The Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs

The Wiz Khalifa and Antoni Tudisco NFTs are a magical creative fusion. They each combine Tudisco’s surrealistic hyper-pop style and Khalifa’s personal selection of his own musical and stylistic elements. For instance, the NFTs include various symbols iconic to Khalifa. The rappers famous dreads and his love of weed are both captured throughout the striking 3D video loops. 

A sneak peak at the Wiz Khalifa and Antoni Tudisco NFTs

Each of these 10 collector item NFTs go for $2,500 and Wiz Khalifa fans have 10 different editions to choose from. However, in total there are only 100 Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs available as there are only 10 of each edition. 

Khalifa and Tudisco admired each other’s work and the collaboration was a positive venture for both of them. 

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“Creating my first NFT has been so exciting and collaborating with Antoni on it has been a great experience,” said Khalifa.

Tudisco similarly said, “I’m always trying to evolve my skills and style and explore new things. Working with Wiz pushed me to find our shared creative passions and then figure out how to bring them to life.”

Khalifa and Tudisco keep things green

Other than being weed-friendly, the Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs are also environmentally friendly. Khalifa and Tudisco decided to mint their NFTs on Portion. This is an NFT marketplace that has partnered with Palm NFT studio, an NFT ecosystem that focuses more on sustainability. In fact, they claim to reduce energy consumption by around 99.99% more than proof of work systems. In addition, they have lower costs, including low gas fees as well as fast transactional processes. 

Wiz Khalifa fans can access the Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs on Portion from the 15th of October.

As these NFTs drop, Wiz Khalia will join various other artists in the NFT Music space. While NFTs have been fairly art-centric, they also have been quite a trend in the music industry. For instance, Tory Lanez, Trey Songz and Katy Perry are only some of the few who have already got involved with NFTs. Another rapp legend, Snoop Dog has even created a bit of an NFT persona of himself. He claims to be behind a Twitter profile that owns an NFT collection worth over $17 million. 

It seems artists are rolling into this trend quickly, and Wiz Khalifa is just as ready to roll up into NFTs.

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Those interested in purchasing Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFTs can do so on Portion’s site starting from this week Friday.

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