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Trumplicans NFT collection wants to make NFTs great

Ortal Hadad

Yes, we can to NFTs! The Trumplicans NFT collection will foster a Trump-based community through 10 000 collectibles. 

On October 17 the Trumplicans NFT collection is launching to commemorate and celebrate Donald Trump. These NFTs will be the entry tokens to a Trump-centred community that will offer rewards including various giveaways. 

It seems whether you support Trump, or are against him, his name is still around and now it’s about to enter the NFT space. 

What are the Trumplican NFTs?

Overall there are going to be 10 000 Trumplican NFTs which will each start at 0.07 ETH at their mint sale.

Every NFT is a portrait of Trump with varying backgrounds, accessories, clothing as well as personal quotes or thoughts. In total, the team used over 150 traits and attributes to create these randomly generated NFTs. Of course, some of these traits are rarer than others increasing the value of certain Trumplican NFTs.

While the NFTs offer an interesting aesthetic, they also offer exclusive membership to a trump based community. This community is called the Trumplican Patriot Club and is launching once 10% of the collection is sold. Members of this Trumplicans NFT community can access exclusive collections as well as other rewards. In fact, 20% of the secondary sales royalties are going to go to funding these rewards. This may include giveaways, raffles, and other exclusive prizes such as NFT tickets to real-life events and even vacation getaways. 

However, some of the above rewards may only be accessible later on as the NFT collection is following a roadmap activation. This means that as the team accomplishes certain minting goals of the roadmap, they will release various features or rewards. This roadmap even suggests that later on the team behind the collection hopes to launch a Trumplicans NFT metaverse. 

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This Trumplicans Metaverse may host future virtual events and will act as a discussion platform for the community.  

NFTs for military charity

Even though the Trumplicans NFT collection is all centered around Trump, it is giving back to the community in one way. 1% of all the project’s transactions are to go to a military-based charity. Purchasers can choose from one of three charities, which are all well-established non-profits. Firstly, there is  The Gary Sinise Foundation which focuses on creating a supportive community for veteran families. Operation Homefront, on the other hand, focuses on building strong and stable military families. Lastly, the Wounded Warriors Project focuses on helping injured veterans and their families. 

Those interested in supporting these charities by purchasing a Trumplican NFT can do so on the collection’s website. After all are minted and sold, the secondary sales will be on OpenSea. 

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