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Trey Songz Mystery Boxes sell out quickly on Binance NFT

Ortal Hadad
trey songz binance

Famous RNB artist, Trey Songz releases his first NFTs with Melos.Studio and Binance Mystery Box. 

Trey Songz Mystery Boxes launched on Binance NFT mystery box on August 31, selling out in 14 hours. 

The award-winning artist, Trey Songz is finally entering the NFT space as Melos.Studio’s first collection of music NFTs. Songz has sold over 25 million records and has peaked first on the “Billboards 200”. He clearly is an exciting debut for Melos.Studios. Melos is a new decentralized space for music on the Web 3.0 including the blockchain and NFTs.  They plan to expand their NFT music ecosystem through new technologies and redefine the relationships between artists and their fans.

What are the Trey Songz Mystery Boxes?

All the Trey Songz NFTs are part of Binance’s Mystery Boxes, whereby, the actual NFT is only revealed to the owner after purchase. The Trey Songz Mysterbox NFTs include his newest song release as well as real-life experiences with Trey. 

Each of the 50,500 NFTs is worth 28 BUSD and every user can only buy 50 boxes. There are different perks buyers can attain based on the NFTs they receive at random. Some of these perks revolve around Melos.Studios Game, “ROCK MUST DIE”. For instance, based on the rarity of the NFT, users can get energy gains and mining power in the game. 

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Six NFTs, which are six of Songz’s new songs, fall under the “Normal” tier. These are the least rare of the Trey Song Mystery Box NFTs and offer the least exciting rewards. The “Rare” tier includes four NFTs, whereas “Super Rare” only contains two songs. While all these tiers have a few thousands of each NFT, there are only 30 available of the rarest tier, “Super Super Rare”. This not only contains perks to Melos.Studios game, but includes the chance to win a chance to co-create with Songz. 

This co-creation chance is part of four lucky draws that will happen within four weeks’ time. Other possible wins include $100,000 of cash rewards, a zoom call with Songz and an autographed NFT. In order to stand a chance to win one of these exclusive rewards, users have to have a certain amount of different rarity-type NFTs.

Binance NFTs are booming

Those interested in future mystery boxes should head over to Binance’s site and register. Binance is going strong with their NFT market and just recently partnered with The State Hermitage Museum for a new NFT project. Working with the largest museum in the world is clearly something to be proud of. From Trey Songz Mystery Box NFTs to working with the Hermitage; it’s exciting to see what Binance has in store for the NFT world next.

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