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Punk #8888 is CryptoPunk’s new 8th largest Sale

Ortal Hadad

88 is the lucky Chinese number for the new #8888 CryptoPunk owner who just bought the NFT for 888.80 ETH.

There’s a belief in East Asian Countries that the number 88 is one of luck and good fortune . Whether you believe in this or not, it appears that the new owner of CryptoPunk #8888 is a lucky person no matter what anyone believes. 

The new owner of Cryptopunk #8888 spent 888.80 ETH on the NFT which is equivalent to $2.87 million. This became the new 8th largest sale in terms of Ether value on the CryptoPunks site. What might initially be strange, however, is that this Punk doesn’t seem to possess any explicitly unique features. 

Punk #8888 is not an alien, zombie or ape. It doesn’t have a rare beanie or choker accessory. Instead, the Punk is female with a red mohawk and an eye mask. Of course, these attributes provide some value to the CryptoPunk NFT, but it’s a little astounding that the Punk was able to rank as one of the top 10 Ether valued purchases. 

On rarity, a site that assesses the rareness of NFT collectibles, Punk #8888 has a score of 125.23. This is rather low in comparison to the other Punks including the rarest Punk, Punk #8348 with a score of 10342.68.

So why is there such a fuss over this Punk? Why would someone pay so much for something that previously sold for less than $1 million? Well, perhaps, it’s not in the attributes. It could be all in the numbers. 

Why Chinese numerology makes Cryptopunk #8888 so special?

It’s quite obvious that there are a lot of eights surrounding this Cryptopunk. It’s Cryptopunk #8888; it sold for 888.80 ETH, and it is now the 8th largest Cryptopunk sale based on Ether. The Punk was also bought on the 28th of August. Twenty-eight could translate to another version of double eight, whereas, August is the 8th month of the year. It all seems to be orchestrated.

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Clearly, this must point to something unique. Or, well, at least that’s what the assumptions are from the Twitter feed. On the CryptoPunks Bot’s tweet of the sale, many users are pointing to the fact that the number 88 is an extremely lucky number in some Asian cultures. 

According to TutorMing China’s Expats & Culture Blog, this all boils down to Chinese numerology and symbolism. The number 8, known as bā in Chinese sounds very similar to their verb for wealth or prosperity, fā. In addition, 88 is perceived to have more luck because it resembles the Chinese symbol for double happiness. 

The Chinese symbolism above is the reason people insist that the Cryptopunk #8888 owner spent so much money over a Punk that beforehand only sold for 33.10 ETH ($48,356). Many are also suggesting that the owner may be Asian. Yet, this is unknown for now. Regardless, the owner is lucky in his purchase and this is definitely the case after examining his crypto wallet.

Is the owner’s lucky number 8 or is he lucky with the market?

When looking at the owner of CryptoPunk #8888’s wallet, the first thing that stands out is the amount of Ether they actually have. There is a balance of almost 100,000 ETH and or around $317 million. Anyone with this amount of money is lucky to at least some extent!

However, what is fascinating is that this wallet bought most of its Ether before the crypto hype began. Except for around 10,000 ETH, the wallet owner accumulated this wealth before and throughout the year, 2020. At these times Ether was on average worth less than a thousand dollars. Considering a large majority of this money was left untouched in the wallet, it’s likely that the owner has made massive profits with the rise of the Ether value to the dollar. 

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While it seems like the owner spent almost $3 million on CryptoPunk #8888’s, it may be that they bought this ETH at a lower value. While they might of known what would happen within the Cryptoworld, it’s no doubt that the owner is one lucky person. 

For now it’s a mystery as to who the owner is, but perhaps in time the lucky #8888 Punk owner will reveal himself. 

They say money can’t buy you happiness. Although, buying CryptoPunk #8888, which some believe symbolizes good fortune and ‘double happiness’ might just  be some evidence to prove otherwise.

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