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Pranksy Rocks: One Artist takes a stand against the NFTsanity

Matthew Fleischman
nft collectibles

In answer to the madness of CryptoPunks and EtherRocks sales, Pranksy Rocks, aims to shine a light on the state of affairs of the NFT hype train. Or, perhaps, is the new project just joining the fun?

Over the past few months, a number of series of Non-Fungible Token Collections have the blockchain community going crazy.  It seems that every day a there is a new must-have NFT collectible collection that the blockchain masses can’t help but eat up.  Whether it’s Apes, Dinos, CryptoPunks, which just passed $1 Billion in sales, or EtherRocks that cost more than an entire street of houses where I grew up, people are going crazy and sky-high prices aren’t far behind them.

One NFT investor, collector, and enthusiast is attempting to shine a light on all the insanity with, ironically, their own NFT collectible collection.

Pransky Rocks

Pranksy, an online persona within the NFT community, released their own NFT collection under the title Pranksy Rock X/10,000 on Rarible on Saturday morning.

The collection consists of 10,000 copies of the same image of a black rock on a red background.  Pransky is selling them each for 0.08 ETH on both OpenSea and Rarible marketplaces. 

This NFT offers you absolutely nothing, it’s a picture of a rock with a stencil filter & some words in print clearly font. It’s also fully animated with subtle movement throughout.

However, it has a 10,000 Limit and is priced at .08 ETH.

If you for some reason purchase this piece it unlocks a surprise that holds no value beyond a smile.

Pransky Rocks description on Rarible Marketplace

A mixed reception to Pranksy Rocks

The Twitter NFT community is having a mixed reception to the collection. Some praising the social commentary of the project, while others are calling it a greedy cash grab.

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From supportive:

To not so much:

For what it seems to be worth on the internet, Pransky insists that the project is a social commentary on the current state and direction of NFTs.  Though whether or not people in the NFT Twitter community understand the artistic satire of the project is still not fully known or understood.

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Knowing that the secondary market for NFT projects of this nature is where all the craziness is coming from lately, Pransky made sure to look out for their followers.

While this does point in an altruistic direction for the Pranksy Rock collection creator’s intentions, the internet is still a cynical place.

Pransky themselves

Pranksy is the co-founder of the NFT monthly subscription ‘box’ service, NFTBOXES Ltd.  The subscription service, which when for sale, costs 0.65 ETH and offers NFT collectors a way to build their collection monthly.  Each month NFTBOXES chooses a new curated theme to provide a quality collection of NFTs for that month.  Talented artists create the NFTs in the boxes and each box links its pieces together with an overarching theme.

The monthly boxes include; 1 digital collectible piece created by a freelance graphic designer. Currently, this is a ‘key’ that allows the owner redemption of the December box free if they collect 10 ‘keys’. 1 Headline Artist piece. 6-7 further art pieces – 1 from each other Digital Artist included. Whereas, finally, the box offers 2 NFTs from existing projects such as the Sandbox Model of Bonzai tree that is usable in the Sandbox game.

Though it is unclear if Pranksy rocks will be included in future NFTBOXES, the collection has come at what could be a crossroads time in the NFT world.  As prices for current NFT collections do nothing but continue to rise at increasingly logarithmic rates, and celebrities and international companies buy into the crazy, an artist holding up a mirror might just be what is needed. 

Whether it is satire, as Pransky has said, or a greedy project, as it has been called on Twitter AND Pransky’s own Discord server, is truly only known by Pransky themselves.  Regardless of the intentions or the staying power of the project in the internets goldfish memory, there is at least one NFT writer who is glad someone said something.

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