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Poco just became the very first NFT offering on Babylons marketplace

Tali Kon

Babylons, one of BSC’s biggest NFT marketplaces, announced the launch of their first “Initial NFT offering” (INO). This launch is in partnership with Poco, the NFT-based gaming platform. 

Beginning October 7, users had the opportunity to start minting Poco non fungible tokens (NFTs). The official INO launch on took place on October 10. 

Furthermore, the team is also planning future INO events, based on an innovative Tier system. These events will also facilitate initial offerings for the emerging NFT GameFi space. 

About the Game

Those who purchase POCO NFTs on Babylons, will receive a 20% chance of getting epic skills in the NFT based game, Pocoland. 

Poco - NFTs Game

A combo POCO NFT package in the game costs 100 BUSD. The package includes 200 utility eggs and also one character. Discounts are available depending on the character and amount purchased. Moreover, the team emphasises that users are able to receive  native POCOX tokens, through staking. With these POCOX tokens, users are able to mint ‘extremely rare Poco warriors.’ 

In addition, traders have the chance of earning Babylon’s Governance Tokens ($BABI) in Babylon’s weekly reward program. Tokens are rewarded according to a trader’s trading volume, in relation to the total trading volume on Babylons each week. Up to 227,500 BABI tokens are distributed every Monday.

About Babylons

Babylons is a leading blockchain gaming aggregator and a governed NFT marketplace. The platform demands low gas fees, speedy transactions and is a user friendly minting platform. In addition, the platform allows users to mint green NFTs, collect from incredible artists and trade NFTs with other users. Moreover, the platform functions around a fully DAO, facilitated through the BABI governance token.

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About POCO

POCO is an NFT-gaming platform, operating on the Binance Smart Chain network. The platform operates through a “play-to-earn NFTs’ ‘ system.

According to the site “POCO brings you into the new gaming world. Let’s immerse yourself in Pocoland when leading the powerful team with 5 Poco warriors owning different elements, defeat your enemies then collect the huge reward by POCO token on Binance Smart Chain and cross chain on Polygon”.

Poco has achieved an extensive fanbase of nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter. This is perhaps due to the emerging appreciation of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services to the gaming world. In addition, Poco has phenomenal P2E game mechanics.

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