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Outkast NFT Collection Sells Out in 44 Minutes

NFT Zilla Staff

Outkast NFT Collection Unveiled to the Public

The Outkast NFT Collection first launched its Discord and social channels on September 2, 2021. Nearly one month later, the Outkast NFT public launch on October 1, 2021, sold out in just 44 mins.

Within the first week, the Outkast NFT collection saw a swarm of secondary sales, bringing its total sales volume to over 600ETH worth of volume in just five days. Also, breaking into the top 100 NFT projects on OpenSea.

Outkast NFT collection

The Outkast NFT collection is now in approximately 4,000 unique wallets that hold at least one Outkast. With over 74% of the Outkast NFT collection not listed for sale on the secondary market, it is clear that this community adores the artwork and recognizes the strengths and talents of the collection’s developers.

SOLD OUT IN 44 MINS!!!. The Outkast NFT Collection Unveiled | by WE ARE THE  OUTKAST | Oct, 2021 | Medium

“We believe in all the hard work that has gone into this project. The project creators literally poured their souls into these beautiful creations you see here. We are extremely grateful for the Robust Outkast Community that has been brought together by this Collection. We are humbled by the overwhelming response to our Artwork that we’ve seen thus far.”

Michael Christine, Esq. (The Tatted Lawyer)

As the Outkast project moves into its Phase 2, the creators are confident with the direction of the project. The next exciting step will be when the development team begins to activate the Outkast NFT’s utilities.

Project founder, Mx, announced through Discord, that the team was currently finalizing the programming that will launch the mission utility of the Outkast NFTs. These missions will allow Outkast holders to place their Outkast NFTs in special missions that will create Outkast Shards. In addition, The Outkast Metaverse allows the use of these Outkast Shards. Further, merchandise store, to purchase new items and traits for Outkast’s and so much more.

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As described by the development team, these missions will allow Outkast holders to gain Outkast Shards or experience points that will go toward leveling up the Outkast NFT. Inspired by games in the Outkast Metaverse, holders can level up their Outkast NFT. The amount and rarity of Outkast Shards earned will increase through missions completed by the Outkast.

The Launch

With an estimated launch date of the third week of October, Outkast holders, referred to as the Enji Elite within the Outkast Discord, have been left to speculate the possibilities of, different fusions. Further, missions and combination parties and traits of the individual Outkasts that they’d try. This is in order to maximize the efficiency of the party.

The Outkast team released a sneak peek of their “fusion simulator”. It will allow Outkast holders to preview possible fusions between their Outkasts. With future blockchain games, an interactive anime/manga and an entire Metaverse under development, the Outkast community has a lot to look forward to.

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