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Now You Can Invest in Music, Through Security NFTs, The Latest Addition To The NFT Market

Tali Kon

In collaboration with Opulous, Republic, a leading investment platform, is launching a new NFT platform, known as Republic Music. Fans will now have the opportunity to share music ownership with artists.

Republic, has sought to correct the inequities between record labels and artists. Republic Music is offering fans and artists the opportunity to benefit from the creation, production, streaming and licensing of music. This new marketplace will operate on the Opolous blockchain platform.

For the first time, fans can invest in the music they love for just $100 and share royalties with artists. Moreover, fans given the opportunity to have a share in the music is to encourage engagement and streaming.

Security NFTs and NFTs

The platform will allow users to invest in new types of NFTs, known as ‘security NFTs’ (S-NFTs). S-NFTs differ from regular NFTs, in the sense that people can invest in them, owning ‘portions’ of an NFT. Moreover, there is the possibility of returns in the future. These types of NFTs will also be under the regulation of the SEC, and investors will have to obey the associated Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

A new addition to the world of NFTs

With this new NFT platform, multiple investors will be able to buy portions of an NFT, as opposed to one person having total ownership. The opportunity to do such, changes an item’s status to a type of ‘security’ rather than just a collectible. The idea of multiple owners is known as ‘fractionalization’.

According to Republic’s chief strategy officer, Pialy Aditya, this launch is an opportunity for fans and other influencers to turn into owners. For instance, investors now have the opportunity to be part of rapper Lil Pump’s new single, “Mona Lisa”. Throughout October 2021, there will be more onboardings from artists.

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The launch of S-NFTs, creates a wealth of opportunities for anyone that chooses to be involved. Further down the line, artists could offer more than just royalties, for instance they can offer merchandise and tickets to their fans.

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