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Now is your chance to purchase a “Chibi Ape” – the latest upcoming NFT drop

Tali Kon
chibi ape

“Chibi Ape” NFTs will be up for sale tonight at 10pm. Owners will receive commercial rights over NFTs.

With digital collectibles back in the spotlight, NFT collections are hitting new peaks and they are selling for serious cash too. In the first half of 2021, NFT sales reached over $2.5 billion.

As the NFT market for crypto collectibles continues to flourish and become more appreciated in mainstream society, new NFT projects are continously emerging.

It seems that the NFT craze is never ending. The latest NFT project, launching tonight at 10pm, is “Chibi Apes”. The lucky owners to be will be able to benefit from additional bonuses too.

What you need to know about NFTs

An NFT stands for a non fungible token. It is a digital token that represents some type of physical object such as artwork, a game item or almost anything really. More importantly however, in a digital age, where anything can easily be downloaded and copied, NFTs represent true ownership over the original item. The digital token contains authentication and verification of proof of ownership, along with other data related to the asset. The NFT typically exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs are one of a kind assets that create digital scarcity, which makes them so desirable and valuable. 

What are “Chibi Apes?”

The “Chibi Ape” NFT collection, founded by Chibi Labs, is launching 10pm today. The collection is comprised of 3,000 randomly generated 3D ape NFTs. Each ape is distinct, yet some possess more unique traits than others. The most unique traits that exist in the collection are ear accessories and backgrounds. The “Chipi Apes” that possess these traits will be more valuable and are likely to sell for more hefty prices in the future.

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The price of each Chibi Ape is 0.025 ETH (Ethereum).

“Chibi Apes” are generated around the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, hosted on the IPFS platform.

Advantages of owning a “Chibi Ape” NFT

One of the few perks in owning a “Chibi Ape” NFT is that it serves as a token for accessing future Chibi Labs NFT collections before their release.

Owners of Chibi Apes can also download the 3D ape image to use as a twitter profile picture or for any other purpose. OJB or GLB files of owned Chibi Apes are also available to use in metaverses. 

The coolest perk of them all however, is the commercial rights an owner receives after purchase. Owners will also acquire the intellectual property of their purchased NFTs.

The website reads, “ You can build derivatives from your Apes and own any potential monetization.”

More details about the “Chibi Apes” and the perks of ownership can be found on the “Chibi Ape” site.

Future Plans for Chibi Labs

Chibi Labs is already planning the release of new collections. The Chibi Lab team states “We live in a culture of collaboration and community. As we grow, we want to grow our community members, which are made up of creatives, technicians, and NFT enthusiasts.”

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