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NFT Genesis the first Bitcoin sidechain NFT is up for sale

Ortal Hadad

The first minted NFT on Bitcoin sidechain RSK, NFT Genesis, goes on sale two years after Watafan created it.

Watafan lists the first NFT minted on a Bitcoin sidechain on its marketplace.

Although the NFTs were originally created a few years ago, they’ve already started to cement their place in history. 

NFT Genesis: The first Bitcoin Sidechain minted NFT

In 2019 Watafan minted NFT Genesis the first NFT on a Bitcoin sidechain. Watafan is a company that runs on RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain, and focuses on NFTs which connect fans to their idols. They created this NFT two years ago on January 3 to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Bitcoin. Now they are listing this milestone NFT on their marketplace.

In true Bitcoin-style the NFT commemorated Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of the blockchain platform. Joseph Diaz is the artist who designed the NFTs. He has a lot of experience and has worked with some well-renowned brands. For instance, this includes Disney, HBO and even Netflix. 

Each of the 21 copies of the NFT, depicts Satoshi as a superhero with a helmet. He holds a “10 years anniversary” pennanent, pointing to the reason behind the NFTs creation. There is also a hologram of a bitcoin token and behind Satoshi is the U.S Federal Reserve. This may point to the original idea behind Bitcoin as a decentralized system that would cut out the high-powered constitutional middleman. 

Now , someone can finally purchase NFT Genesis, the first NFT that was minted on Bitcoin sidechain, RSK.

RSK, the platform behind Watafan

As a Bitcoin sidechain, RSK’s main purpose is to help expand Bitcoin and it’s services. In doing so, they try increase the security and transferability of the network. For example, they are compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. This makes it easier for companies to use the platform interchangeably. 

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In addition, the blockchain system uses “two-way-peg” technology. This simply allows them to share Bitcoin’s qualities, however, with larger robustness.

The platform, whic launched in 2018 and is the first Bitcoin sidechain.  It now also finds itself the first to hosting NFT Genesis, the first NFT minted on such a sidechain.

Whether NFT Genesis sells for a large price is unknown for now. Although considering its historic value, one can expect that this won’t necessarily be a small sale.  

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