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Move over Mr. Frais! There’s a Miss Frais ready to take over the NFT town!

Ortal Hadad

Maria Tokareva is the female artist behind Miss Frais, who is ready to empower women in the male-dominated world of crypto and NFTs.

Imagine a world where women are independent, empowered, and just as relevant in the professional arena. They believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, and make magic happen. For these women, every day is the best day ever and all because they will it to be so.

This is the life artist Maria Tokareva, or Masha as she likes to be called, strives for. 

Masha is a 33-year-old artist with roots tracing back to Russia and Columbia. While she currently resides in Miami she’s lived throughout various locations in her life making her someone full of diverse experiences. She discovered art as a little child when her mom took her to all sorts of creative classes. Yet, it was only in her adult years that she realized this was her true passion. She went on to feature at various art exhibits including the Art Basel international fair and even founded her own agency. A few years in she found herself surrounded by blockchain enthusiasts leading to her NFT journey. 

However, what makes Masha most unique is her mission to use her love of art to equip others to be the best authentic versions of themselves. This includes making women believe in themselves and their magical abilities that will get them to achieve their dreams. She now brings this message to challenge the male-dominated crypto world with her new NFT collection Miss Frais.

Miss Frais on her magic mission

The title “Miss Frais”, itself, is a genius indicator as to how Masha breaks the rules for women empowerment. ‘Frais’ means fresh in French and, yet, grammatically it should be used when referring to a Monsieur Frais or a Mr. Fresh. When referring to Miss Fresh, the correct way of saying so would be Mademoiselle Fraîche. However, Masha defies this, showing women can make rules for themselves too. 

Masha’s Miss Frais collection consists of 6969 NFTs of raw and authentic women. Each woman is one-of-a-kind and has varying features that come from a combination of seven traits. This includes her lips and eyes, clothing, accessories, phrases, and backgrounds. While these women are artworks, they also represent how the role of women in major events and spaces is growing.

”I want to show women empowerment. I want to tell everyone here we are. We’re not going anywhere,” says Masha.

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No, she is not going anywhere, indeed, and this is important in the world of crypto where men outnumber women. According to a CNBC study, in the United States, there is more than double the number of men investing in crypto than there are women. Yet, on the other hand, the Gemini State of UK Crypto Report 2021 reveals that slowly the percentage of women getting into crypto may be increasing. 

Masha’s own experience as a female in the crypto-world

For Masha, she admits that she’s often been the only female artist at crypto-related events. She sometimes felt people would approach her projects because of ulterior motives. For example, they wanted a date with her or to talk to her rather than showing real interest in her work. She feels this is something that women need to overcome, but, overall, she has had a positive experience.

“It empowers me more to know that there are also other women doing this and giving an example for other women to be like: No its okay! We can make this happen! We can be professionals, we can be taken seriously and not because of the looks or anything like that but just because of the work and value that we are bringing to the world.” 

-Miss Frais artist and founder, Maria Tokareva

Clearly, Masha sets an example for women to follow. Although, so too, does her collection push forward this message. 

The co-founder and ops-director of Miss Frais, Felipe Lema Vorobey views the female NFTs as symbols of empowered women. He believes each of the women has their own success story and essence of female entrepreneurship.  In fact, although the team hasn’t fully planned everything yet, the idea is that Miss Frais holders would be able to attend special events that could include empowerment talks for women and rising artists. 

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This is important to Vorobey as he, himself, has a daughter and feels that girls need to believe in themselves and their entrepreneurial abilities. 

He says, “It’s so important for us to give this message across to girls nowadays, especially with new technology that is just coming out in the world. They have all the possibility to make a difference and NFTs is just a drop in the ocean.”

So how should women get involved in NFTs?

To begin with, women can support other women that are already in or are interested in the industry. For Masha, receiving support is valuable in making one believe in themselves. 

She says, “I want people to understand that the power lies inside themselves. In this world, I believe it’s the world of dreams where all of the dreams can come true. But, you have to work and surround yourself with the right people.”

Besides this, Masha really believes that other role-modeling women, such as herself, will also inspire others to follow. She says it’s kind of like a chain reaction, or rather she calls it a blockchain reaction. 

Of course, though, the crypto and NFT world can be highly intimidating to someone who’s never heard of it. Vorobey believes finding good sources to go to for help is extremely important. He mentions that there are many associations and communities that can provide this. For example, there is the Global Women in Blockchain that tries to provide such resources. Even the Miss Frais NFTs themselves could foster such a community. 

Well then, is Mr Frais ready? Miss Frais, Maria Tokareva, is clearly about to shake things up in the world of NFTs.

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