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Miss Universe Thailand NFTs present blockchain to beauty pageants

Ortal Hadad
miss universe

Bitkub partners with Miss Universe Thailand to introduce NFTs and cryptocurrency to the beauty pageant world. 

Miss Universe Thailand becomes the first beauty pageant to involve NFTs as part of their competition. 

The Thai pageant partnered with Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Ltd for support on their blockchain journey. Bitkub is a leading Thai digital asset exchange and will provide NFTs and blockchain education throughout the pageant.

Miss Universe Thailand NFTs 

While a lot of the NFT hype is around collectibles, it’s no surprise that Bitkub will mint a set of Miss Universe Thailand collectible cards. The idea is that these collectibles will increase fan interaction with the contest. Each pageant contestant will have her own NFT collectible. Bitkub is also giving each contestant access to their Bitkub Academy. In doing so, the participants can educate themselves on blockchain technology. This is in line with one of Bitkub’s main aims of bridging ordinary people into the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, this is not where it ends for Miss Universe’s NFT and crypto entry. 

The pageant plans to reward the winner of the competition with a prize including digital assets. Moreover, Bitkub is turning the Miss Universe Thailand crown into an NFT. This crown NFT will feature as a limited-edition item in Bitkub’s first play-to-earn game, “Morning Moon Village”. 

Bitkub is ready for the stage. Although, it was not necessarily the limelight that got them involved. The founder and CEO of Bitkub said it was the deeper purpose behind the pageant.

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“Power of Passion”: Beauty Pageants using NFTs with purpose

COVID-19 drastically impacted the life the world once knew. Therefore, the purpose of this year’s Thailand Miss Universe is to bring back a sense of hope and trust in the future. They hope to also ignite inspiration with their concept of “Power of Passion”. It is this that drew in Bitkub. 

“It coincides with our strong belief that passion can be a powerful driving force that changes one’s life, as well as the world, for the better, much like how Bitkub Group believes blockchain technology will revolutionize the world. The partnership with Miss Universe Thailand, a prestigious entertainment platform with an accumulation of more than ten millions of viewers that supports the capabilities and roles of women in society, has proven to be a positive direction for the collaborative effort of creating change in the community, as well as being a voice of the people to ignite hope and inspiration.” 

-Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, founder and group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co. Ltd

Beauty pageants have come a long way from being based on looks. They continue to evolve and keep up with the times. This is no different for the hype of blockchain. 

Fans can go to the Miss Universe Thailand official fan page or Bitkub’s platforms for updates. In addition, users can go to these platforms to watch the crowning event. Miss Universe Thailand is set for Sunday, 24 October. Meanwhile, the crowned winner of this event will attend Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat, Israel in December this year.

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