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Katun Turns Graffiti Into RM 1.63 Million with new NFTs

Ortal Hadad

Malaysian graffiti artist, Katun, drops his first collection of NFTs. Apes Stand Together features two pieces, with his famous cartoon apes.

Well-renowned graffiti artist, Katun, enters the NFT sphere making over 1.5 million Malaysian Ringgit (RM) within one day.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) hype is currently surrounding artists. They are the magic tool that’s given them more control over ownership, royalties, and the value of their artwork. This is the case specifically for those involved in digital art. However, artists of all mediums are experimenting with this hype and it is no different for the graffiti artists of the streets. 

Graffiti artist Katun enters NFTs with a bang

Katun, whose full name is Abdul Hafiz, is a Malaysian graffiti artist. His reinterpretation of cartoon characters are popular, especially his monkey illustrations. He belongs to various graffiti crews globally and has worked with big brands and stars including Chris Brown.

Like any other creative not living under a rock, Katun definitely noticed the hype of NFTs. However, unlike everyone else, this artist was one of the lucky ones to make a big bang of an entrance with his first NFT collection. 

His first collection, “Apes Stand Together”, dropped in August and featured two sets of NFTs. Superfarm, which is an intersection of NFTs and DeFi, hosted the graffiti artists’ collection. The two sets in the collection were:

  1. “Apes Stand Strong”
    Only 50 limited editions of this NFT were available and each went for 1 ETH. All owners are receiving a physical print with the digital piece.
  2. “Mystical Fruits”
    These were unlimited and each went for 0.1 ETH. While there were unlimited copies, it was only available for a limited time frame.
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All “Apes Stand Strong” NFTs were sold out and overall Katun managed to make around RM 1.63 million which is about 127.60 ETH at the time.

More grafitti NFTs to come

While the initial drop is over, this is not the end of Katun’s NFT entrance. Following the first collection, there are two big surprises set for October 17. Firstly, those who own a “Ape Stand Strong” NFT are eligible to a special edition of the piece. This special edition is called “Inferno” and consists of both a digital and physical Katun masterpiece. 

Those who own a “Mystical Fruit” NFT are also up for a surprise. At random, 20% of these NFTs will transform and flower into a “Garden of Bloom” NFT. Clearly, Katun is experimenting cleverly with the tools of blockchain technology.

It might be a little late to snatch a grab of one of Katun’s artworks. However, it’s definitely not too late to get involved in other ways. For sports, music and traditional art fans there’s still lots to come in the realm of NFTs. 

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