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House of Fine Art NFT exhibits valuable collection worth over $20mil

Ortal Hadad

Various high-value NFTs, including six sealed CryptoPunks, are going on display at HOFA’s hybrid exhibition, ‘Portrait of an Era’.

At the end of September, the House of Fine Art (HOFA) in London is exhibiting over $20 million worth of NFTs in their upcoming ‘Portrait of an Era’ exhibition. 

Although this exhibition includes many valuable NFTs, the star feature is the Sealed CryptoPunks

House of Fine Art’s special Sealed CryptoPunks

Six Sealed CryptoPunks are going up for display as part of the exhibit. These are rather rare as the collectibles have only 24 of these in total. While the rest of the CryptoPunk collectibles are purely digital, Larva Labs printed these physically into unique lithographs. Larva Labs co-founder John Watkinson autographed each lithograph and every Sealed Cryptopunk comes with a wax-sealed envelope. This envelope encloses the private keys and information needed to access and attain ownership to the NFT. 

Larva Labs founders John Watkinson and Matt Hall decided to create these Sealed CryptoPunks in 2018. Now, they are some of the rarest NFTs in the collection. HOFA, although, is not the first to put them on display or auction. Previously, Sotheby’s auctioned off five of these. In their auction, all of them sold for over a few hundred thousand dollars each. Christie’s Hong Kong is also dabbling with these CryptoPunks. They are is auctioning off four of these later this week. 

The NFTs and artworks on display

HOFA’s NFT hybrid exhibition has other headline displays on offer. This includes items from the other two Larva Labs projects: Meebits and Autoglyphs. Moreover, there are NFTs from Fidenza and the Bored Ape Yacht Club collectibles. 

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House of Fine Art Fidenza NFT and Sealed CryptoPunks
One of the Fidenza NFTs that will go up on display at HOFA (source).

The exhibit is, additionally, displaying a few other artists’ works. This includes items from British NFT artist, King Nerd, sculptures from Dutch artist Joseph Kilbanksy and French artist Sepand Danesh. 

The NFT hybrid exhibit runs from September, 23 till October 7 in the House of Fine Art in London. However, people may view the exhibition online across HOFA’s VR mobile and web App,

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