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Genesis CyberKongz NFTs climb with the rise of $BANANA

Ortal Hadad

Anyone with a Genesis CyberKongz NFT could be making a hefty yearly income of over $350,000 just because of bananas.

With the rise of the $BANANA token, Genesis CyberKongz owners are now reaping around $800-$1000 dollars every day. 

The creation of CyberKongz collections began in March this year. The first Collection, the Genesis CyberKongz NFT Collection, created a hype back then. However, each initially only sold for 0.1 ETH. Now, they’ve rocketed in prices. A large reason for this is that CyberKongz NFT owners earn around $1000 daily and all because of bananas. 

What are the CyberKongz NFTs and how do people earn money on them?

The CyberKongz Genesis Collection consists of only 1000 NFTs. Each NFT is a 2D 34×34 pixel image of a gorilla which is highly suitable for display on social media profiles. Every CyberKong has varying randomly generated traits including fur color, accessories, and backgrounds. 

All the CyberKongz collections offer various utilities. Although unlike the other two collections CyberKongz released, Baby Kongz and CyberKongz VX, this collection offers something special. All holders of Genesis CyberKongz receive 10 $BANANA tokens every day for 10 years. 

$BANANA tokens can be used to customize your CyberKongz NFTs as well as to breed them or trade for other items. 

In the early stages of the Genesis CyberKongz NFT collection, 10 tokens might not have seemed like much. In fact, it initially was worth under $10 per coin. Over the past weekend, however, numbers rose. Initially, they climbed to $90 dollars and then they even soared up to $120. For now, they have stabilized at around $80. Yet, either way, this is still a lot to simply receive from owning an NFT. 

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In fact, let’s take the fluctuation into account and say on average you’re receiving 10 $BANANA tokens a day for 10 years at $100 for each token. This would be around $365 000 a year and this could even rise should the value of the token go up again. 

Clearly, it must be exciting to earn that much money a year for simply owning an NFT. 

Well, accordingly, the prices of these NFTs have soared. 

CyberKongz going Bananas!

These apes have come a long way from being worth 0.1 ETH. Actually, the cheapest you can get one on OpenSea for is 165 ETH. At the time of writing this is more than half a million dollars. Meantime, the most expensive CyberKongz Genesis NFT, CyberKong #1 is going for 10,000 ETH. Although, most are listed on OpenSea around the 160-200 ETH mark, which is still a hefty amount being well over half a million dollars.

CyberKong #1 which is listed for 10k on OpenSea. (Source)

It seems somehow, NFT collections are still finding their way up. Many are still saying this is just the beginning. If collections continue to soar like Genesis CyberKongz is, then there’s lots to be won in the field of NFTs. 

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