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Feature NFT Artist of the week – Sep 30, 2021 – Akhil Sesh

Ortal Hadad

In our fast-paced world we often forget to take the time to pause. For this week’s NFT Zilla Featured artist, we talk with Akhil Sesh. He is a talented musician and photographer whose “The Warp Speed” NFT collection captivates us to stop for a moment.

Sesh was born in India, however, found himself living throughout the world. This included Saudi Arabia, Ireland and currently Detroit, Michigan. In the same way his background is diverse and multifaceted, so too is his artistic pursuit.

He discovered his creative tendon when he was only 4 years old. Since then he became active in crafts, painting, theatre as well as piano and singing. This artistic pursuit became his dedicated life-mission after a 6 month battle Sesh experienced with Crohns disease. 

In 2012 he began creating music and with the emergence of Instagram in 2014, he started photographing his experiences daily. Currently, he is studying his Masters in Music at Berklee College of Music.

His rap music with its unique bassline and beat has caught the eyes of Rolling Stone India. Whereas, his Instagram, which displays his street photography, has over 13,000 followers. In addition, he has featured on other platforms including Highsnobiety and Complex. Now, however, Sesh enters the NFT space.

His first NFT collection, “The Warp Speed” launched last week. This collection strikes viewers to pause from the rollercoaster of everyday life. The stills that make up some of Sesh’s NFTs are of standing moments of the blurs of Dubai’s busy metro. Original music and gifs accompany every still image. Each goes for only 0.07 ETH as he wanted his debut NFT collection to be accessible to all. On his launch day, he already sold 12 NFTs. 

NFT Zilla spoke with Akhil Sesh to find more about his NFT drop.

Akhil Sesh NFT
“The Warp Speed”

How did you find out about NFTs and how did you react?

I found out about NFT’s after that Nyan Cat sale and the whole hype around Beeple’s collection . Since then I’ve been following his dailies for a long time. 

I realized NFTs were a revolutionary aspect to really bring the value that artists deserve. This is not only help to monetize their hard work but also to create an everlasting and supportive community around the art that we cherish.

What motivated you to first create NFTs for your music and photography?

After seeing a few of my friends killing it in the Crypto & NFT space I have been contemplating and plotting on joining the community as well for a while now. But, It was recently Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames collection and some encouragement from the NFT community that inspired and motivated me to jump in and mint my first collection.

Honestly, the motivation came from the NFT community itself. I had joined a few Twitter spaces and everyone was so positive that it made me feel at ease about finally launching my own collection. It all happened so quickly but I couldn’t be happier with the immediate reaction and support from the community. I hope that I can give back and make a positive influence someday soon.

What inspired your concept of being grateful for the now and present in your first NFT collection, “The Warp Speed”?

I have been guilty of being in a zone where I felt like I was just watching life pass me by as opposed to cherishing every moment. Something transformative happened in the past two years where I learned the skill of being grateful for all the little moments in life and it has really improved my quality of life after struggling with a bout of heavy depression for many years. I want to be a source of positive light through my work for others.

Why did you choose to photograph the speeding metro in Dubai to capture this concept?

I feel like this collection of images and the gif/video perfectly captured the emotional connection I was trying to portray with my message. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Then on top of that, being in a speeding metro was kind of a perfect metaphor for how life passes us by.

 What is your process of combining your music and photography together like?

I feel like they go hand in hand – I am a big synesthetic often combining both senses of visuals and sonics. When I hear something, I can imagine a certain visual and can create a musical mood around a certain visual. I feel like both come naturally and is sort of a cathartic process where I feel like these mediums are the perfect way to express my true self.

How did you feel after selling your first NFT in this genesis collection?

Honestly, I feel so grateful that the work that I have been sitting on for many years can see the light of day in the public view after so long. I truly am speechless at how the community has been so supportive immediately. I am forever appreciative for anyone who interacts with my art. They are the reason that I create art in the first place.

What has been your biggest challenge entering the NFT space so far?

My biggest challenge is just starting off and trying to get my artwork out there and get the proper exposure but honestly as I keep engaging with the community I am truly humbled by the positive responses.

In your opinion where do you see the NFT space going in the future?

I really see the NFT space exploding and being the main platform where exchange of goods (not only digital assets) take place. I could see it expanding from art into other areas regarding physical products as well. The main thing I believe it will do is put the power back in the artists hands by not only creating a strong community built on provenance but also a reliable source of income that has eluded so many talented artists.

Akhil Sesh The Warp of Time collection

Our featured NFT artist of the week, Akhil Sesh’s collection can be viewed and bought via OpenSea. To hear and view more of Sesh’s creations, follow him on any of his social media platforms.

Instagaram: @akhilsesh

Twitter: @AkhilSesh

Spotify: Akhil Sesh

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