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Feature NFT Artist of the week – Aug 29, 2021 – Ishika Guha

Matthew Fleischman
nft art

In NFT Zilla’s inaugural installment of NFT Zilla Feature artist of the week, we spoke with a very special woman.  Ishika Guah, born in Bangladesh, is a London-based self-taught abstract artist.  Her art has a strong focus on abstract expressionism, pulling inspiration from her real-life experiences.  

Guha channels the energy and impulses flowing through her body every time she steps up to a blank canvas.  Her expression of raw emotion comes through in her artworks. Her use of color combinations, although some might consider unorthodox, helps this young artist express the complexity within her.  Through this process, Guha hopes to share and elicit an unexpected emotional response with the viewer, akin to poetry.  

In fact, one would be amiss to look at this artist in her 30s vibrant work and not see a sort of visual poetry.  With the brash and vibrant colors becoming the communication tools she uses to heal when words fail her.  

This makes sense though as Guah draws inspiration for her work through poetry, as well. Writers like Charles Bukowski, Ogden Nash, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, and Sylvia Plath are a core sources for inspiration. The emotions and messages found in powerful poems carry a spark that inspires her to create poetry in her own way.

As a full-time artist, Ishika Guah has made success in book covers, CD covers, and a collaboration project with a rug company.  She has also worked with an industrial designer who designed chairs using her artworks.  She enjoys collaborative works as well and has sold her art through local Art Galleries. In addition, a few art magazines have published her artwork.

Though the abstract expressionist is new to the world of NFT art, she just sold her first work on Foundation this evening.  

We spoke with Ishika Guah about being an artist, venturing into the world of NFTs and her feelings about them and the future they present for art.

Congratulations on selling your first NFT Artwork “What’s Real Anymore?”!
How does it feel?

Dreams do come true. Perseverance is the key! 

What drove you to become an artist?

Abstract expressionism is my comfort zone from the very beginning. It gives me freedom – I just feel at home! It unlocks all those aspects of my personality that otherwise would lie dormant inside me – silent and nebulous. My artworks provide me with that much-needed catharsis that makes my reality bearable to me.

Life happened, and my art was the only shelter for me when I was absolutely lost. I am still not myself without my art. The best of me, the happiest of me, is when I am painting and expressing all those intense emotions trapped inside me. Sometimes I paint only for the very reason people want to talk- to communicate! My crazy colours become my voice when nothing else works out there for me.

Going though your website it seems like you only recently became active with NFT art a few weeks ago.  How did you find out about NFTs and NFT art?

One of my very close friends Baku (a talented artist duo- Stéphanie and Dominique), introduced me to NFTs and invited me to FND. They also inspire me nonstop. They always support me however they can- so that I can be more confident in my NFT journey. I am so grateful for everything they do to keep me going, and I am super proud of their NFT success, too. They are doing some amazing NFTs on various platforms!

How did you react when you were first introduced to NFTs?

I was so confused! I didn’t know much at all. Baku was there for me and after finding out about Twitter Spaces, I started joining in and started learning every single day.  Titan, Malavika, Komachi, Fabrizio, Yellow, Asiisa, Nima …so many names, so many friends, they welcomed me without judging me or my works, without asking me how many followers I got, or how many art degrees I have! This NFT community taught me how to love unconditionally and what they do is simply beautiful- they change lives, real lives- they create real-life stories with built-in love and friendship.

Why did you choose to get into NFT art?

I love colours, and from my childhood, I have been splashing colours all over, scribbling- painting what not! It was always there with me. But I never took it too seriously until recently, especially since these lockdowns started, and I had to be homebound for weeks! I had nothing left but to paint, and yes, I loved it! I started my social media accounts, started uploading my works regularly, I started enjoying the process. And then my friend Baku told me about NFT, and I started exploring more.

After finding out how friendly and inviting this NFT community is, I just jumped in. It is more about having a family outside my family. More about having a community that supports me without any judgment, more about that financial freedom and finding that outlet to shout out loud using my own colours as an artist. No other platforms, no other community could provide me with that sense of home…that sense of support and love. I am so grateful to all of you- and I absolutely mean it.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge for artists getting into NFT art?

That is a brilliant question! Yes, many traditional artists are finding it confusing, finding it challenging to get into NFT. I was confused, too, at the beginning. But thank God we have all these twitter spaces happening now where you can ask anything and everything, and you can learn every single minute! It is like a classroom for me where I go to learn, to hang out with my friends, to talk about my struggles and dreams-they listen to me without judging me, they support me like my family and teach me everything I need to learn as a beginner NFT artist. So, I would definitely suggest it to any artist out there- who are not sure yet, please do join Twitter, do join Spaces, and follow these amazing souls who are working day and night to support creative minds like us.

In your opinion what do you see NFTs as the future for art? Why?

It’s all about that freedom- financial or emotional- freedom in every sense possible to be honest! Being an artist, we do crave for this sense of freedom. So I can definitely see more artists coming into this NFT space very soon, and it is only the beginning for all of us! We are here to stay and together we will thrive! The way you all are showing how a strong community can change thousands of lives, more artists will definitely join into the experience at least for that! I can easily see more diverse art projects coming up real soon, and more and more artists are joining in for the fun!

What about NFTs do you find the most interesting?

The community, the bonding, the friendship, the freedom! After joining this community, I grew so much as an artist! It helped me mentally, emotionally and financially. I cannot thank my NFT community enough for loving me as I am!

Well thank you Ishika for being our first featured artist

Thank you NFTZilla for giving me this fantastic opportunity to talk about my art journey! You guys rock!

You can follow Ishika Guha on Twitter at @IshikaGuha2, Instagram at rainbowsnfireflies, and her NFT art can be found at @rainbowsnfireflies on the Foundation Marketplace.

If you are an up-and-coming NFT artist and want to be featured on our website, make sure you follow us on Twitter @NFTZilla for your chance to be the next NFT Zilla Featured Artist of the Week.

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