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Dapper Labs getting ready for Kickoff with New NFL NFT Partnership!

Matthew Fleischman

Dapper Labs, the company behind the NBA Top Shots NFTs, is expanding its portfolio of sports franchise partnerships, with NFL NFTs.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) production company and Flow blockchain creator, Dapper Labs, just announced their newest sports partnership with the NFL. The agreement for the new partnership is between Dapper Labs, the NFL, and the Football Players Association.

Through the new arrangement, Dapper Labs will be the NFLPA’s second-largest licensing partner. They come in just after EA Sports, which makes the “Madden” game series. Additionally,  both the NFL and NFLPA will take an equity stake in Dapper Labs.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dapper Labs in its launch of NFL digital video collectibles…  We believe blockchain technology has great potential to enhance the NFL fan experience in the future and we are excited to have Dapper Labs as one of our first collaborators in exploring this emerging space.”

Joe Ruggiero, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at the NFL. 

Recently the NFL has announced a banning for players to pursue their own NFT sponsorship deals with blockchain companies.  Although, that did not stop a few players from jumping into the NFT pool already. For example, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, signed a deal earlier this year to sell autographed digital artwork. Moreover, Rob Gronkowski from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sold a set of digital trading cards for about $1.2 million.

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Dapper Labs NFL TopShots

Exact details about what kinds of NFTs or collections Dapper Labs is set to produce for this partnership are sparse.  It is safe to assume though, that it will run similarly to Dapper Labs’ very successful NBA Top Shots. The digital collectibles Dapper Labs will mint will give NFL fans the opportunity to own special NFTs. These NFTs will feature some of the greatest moments from leading players week-to-week throughout the season.  They will also include football legends as well as superstars from today. In short, fans will get the chance to collect some of the greatest players from NFL history.

“From the Hail Murray to the Minneapolis Miracle, magic happens in NFL stadiums. As a league that continually raises the bar, we are proud that the NFL and NFLPA have chosen Dapper Labs to deliver for NFL fans worldwide the Moments they’ve been waiting for. We can’t wait to give the more than 300 million NFL fans the opportunity to own the game that matters to them and engage with the sport in a whole new way.”

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs. 

The new NFT collection series is expected to launch later this football season.

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