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BlackRock Employee Leaves World of Finance To Establish NFT Marketplace

Tali Kon

BlackRock Junior, Akshay Petta, quits his dream job to create new NFT marketplace, Minted

After years of hard work to get into his dream finance job, Akshay Petta decides to change career path. Yet, who would have thought  it would be to establish an NFT marketplace. 

However, according to Petta, “If you believe in something, you should pursue it”. He adds,”I see the NFT industry as an exciting and rapidly evolving space. I believe we’ll see continued growth in the NFT and broader crypto industry.”

Petta claims that emerging into the NFT sector seemed a necessity as NFTs begin to mark their firm presence in society. He states, “The NFT space is new, but it’s moving so quickly. We don’t want to be left behind if we’re not putting 100% of our attention into this. It seemed like a clear decision.”

Akshay Petta Background

Akshay Petta grew up in Wales and went to the local sixth form college.  He achieved A*A*AABA in his A Levels whilst working in Mcdonalds. Petta then studied at the London School of Economics and became knowledgeable in banking. After gaining experience in U.S. investment banks, Petta interned at BlackRock and after he graduated from there, he joined  BlackRock’s capital markets advisory team.

Minted NFT platform

Petta, who learnt how to code whilst at college, established a new NFT platform, Minted. He claims, “Minted provides an easy way to mint, buy, and sell digital content on a marketplace that feels familiar and offers a community-based experience,” 

Whilst he began working on the marketplace several months ago, he recently decided to dedicate all of his time to the platform, together with Lilith Lenihan.

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Developed on the Tezos platform, Minted will provide the opportunity for NFT creators to mint, showcase and sell their NFTs. Leaderboards, presenting the most popular NFTs will also feature on the site.

“We intend to operate on a transaction fee basis for sold NFTs,” says Petta. He adds, “building on Tezos means costs for users remain low.”

What can we expect next

Petta’s bold move to leave the respected world of finance and join the NFT sector, perhaps suggests that other juniors are capable or may be encouraged to do the same. 

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