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Birds, Punks, and Frenchies oh my: Three New NFT collections on three blockchains

Matthew Fleischman

This past week, three new NFT collections announced their debut across three blockchains, BNBPunks, Kanaria, and Fancy Frenchies.

Binance gets Punky

Last week, Binance NFT marketplace introduced their newest NFT collection, one with a punky twist we have seen before, BNBPunks.  The new collection, like the many similar collections, consists of 10,000 NFTs, but these punks have more to them.  According to the project team, ownership on a BNBPunk also grants you access to early releases of other NFTs.  These other NFTs BNBPunks owners are “grandfathered” into, come from a variety of celebrities like Soulja Boy and Jucy J.  

While the original CryptoPunks art style was pixelated, the new BNBPunks have more of a mosaic style. 


Though they seem very similar to the CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain, the BinancePunk website claims otherwise. 

“Each one of these 10,000 BinancePunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system, using AI-generated art.”

BNBPunk Website

For those wanting to buy and sell BNBPunks, can head to Binance’s new NFT Marketplace. The BNB NFT marketplace features all forms of digital artworks and collectibles. The Binance blockchain infrastructure and community are what power the NFT marketplace. 

Kanaria, Birds on Kusama

Last week, a new NFT Collection premiered on the Kusama blockchain, Kanaria.  Kanaria, Kusama’s Canaries, is the first official NFT collection on the para-chain network.  The collection took a pioneered approach to fund-raising with NFT-crowdfunded.  The approach netted the project over $6 million in limited edition NFT sales.

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The Karanria collection is a set of limited NFTs that look like eggs.  While this project is in some aspects like other NFT collections, it is quite different in others.  The team behind Kanaria says that their new collection could revolutionize NFT collections, with new innovative features.  

With many other NFT collectible collections, the NFTs are either programmatically, randomly, or AI-generated with different features or attributes.  These features or attributes have different rarities, and as such their appearance gives the NFT some of its value.  Kanaria works a little differently.  Owners and viewers of the NFT eggs could post reactions on the NFTs as emotes.  What and how often these emote reactions dropped on the NFTs influenced the final NFT.  Users could affect the looks, feel, functionality, and inventory of the birds that would hatch.  

The NFT eggs finally started to hatch in September 2021 into advanced NFTs on the Polkadot value-bearing canary network, Kusama.  With this “hatching” the def team says that Kararia is now a full-fledged NFT ecosystem.  The new ecosystem comes with a secondary market where owners can trade birds and items.  

“[…] imagine […] coming up with a game in the future and simply reusing the NFTs that already exist by adding a new resource to them – giving them eternal liquidity and long-lasting forward compatibility without planning in advance […] imagine if you could put a branded hoodie onto a cryptopunk. How much exposure is that?”

–Bruno Škvorc, project founder.

The Fancy Frenchies are coming

There is still hope for NFT hopeful owners with an interest in trying to get in on a new project.  This week yet another NFT collections project is set to launch, but on yet again a different network. This collection of 10,000 cute Fancy Frenchies NFT is going to be blaring all over the Solana Network. 

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Not much is known about the collection just yet as it plans to drop on September 14th.  What features or attributes the NFT pup have or their rarity is still up in the air. What is known though is, at the time of writing, is that 1 pre-mint Francy Frenchie sells for 2 SOL or roughly $360.  

Post-launch, the team plans to donate 7% of their weekly volume to a charity that helps rescue neglected dogs.  Additionally, the team says they are looking forward to integrating a breeding system for Frenchie holders.  This will allow them to find their NFT’s gender and breed creating new Baby Frenchies.  The project also is looking forward to merch drops for their NFT god owners, of Hats, shirts, hoodies, and even dog leashes.
More information on Fancy Frenchies, Kanaria Birds, and BNBPunks, such as prices and availability are on their website.

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