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Biodegradable surfboards brave the NFT wave for the environment

Ortal Hadad
nft surfboards

A biotechnology company, M2Bio Sciences, uses surfboards and the NFT hype to promote environmental sustainability.

With the U.N. screaming that we are in a code red global warming crisis, it’s no wonder that we should be concerned about environmental sustainability. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have faced heavy criticism when it comes to energy consumption and, honestly, rightfully so. It seems like minting an NFT is simply just a click of a button. Although, the energy used in this process is ridiculously high. Ethereum is where most NFT trading occurs. Here, the average transaction uses around the same energy that a refrigerator uses in a month. This is definitely a cause for outcry!

However, as always, every new technology is just a tool and it’s how we choose to use that tool that counts. While lots of work needs to be done in changing the way NFTs are exchanged, there are people who are jumping onto the NFT hype for the right reasons. M2Bio, a biotechnology company, is on a mission to create more sustainable products. In doing so, they are using surfboard NFTs to broadcast their mission.

Riding the NFT wave with M2Bio Sciences Psychedelic Surfboards

M2Bio Sciences is not originally a company that focuses on surfboards. The nutraceutical biotechnology company focuses on a range of CBD and psilocybin developments. It seems like this company is worlds apart from anything surfboard related. However, when a mechanical engineer graduate, Luke Colvin, researched sustainable surfboard core substitutes, M2Bio saw an opportunity to go forward in a larger issue. This became a pilot project for M2Bio to develop biodegradable and sustainable packaging alternatives. Colvin worked alongside Louwskieter Hartman, one of the company’s environmentally friendly consultants. A few months later the wave of sustainable surfboards made their entrance. 

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The company released 10 psychedelic surfboards as part of their pilot collection. Although the physical surfboards will be ready for shipping only in December, NFTs of them are already available. M2Bio minted the digital art of each surfboard’s design into NFTs to create awareness about the cause. 

Psychedelic Surfboard 3 NFT (source)

“NFTs are the talk of the town at the moment and, therefore, add immense value to the awareness about the serious issues surrounding sustainability,” said M2Bio CEO, Mr. Jeff Robinson.

Drawing inspiration from pop art, vintage prints and mandala patterns, the designs of the surfboard stay true to the company’s psychedelic focus. Each NFT surfboard is available on OpenSea for 0.1 ETH. Whoever attains one will also receive the physical board as well.  

“By owning the M2Bio Surfboard, you will be owning a piece of history, imagine if the Apple logo were available to purchase as an NFT back in the ’80s? What will it be worth now? The same is true for our pilot surfboard project, it’s the start of a big paradigm shift towards sustainability and the first in Africa and the world.”

-M2Bio CEO, Mr. Jeff Robinson.

Surfs up! More NFTs are here!

The surfboards are certainly an exciting start for M2Bio Science’s entry into NFTs. Yet, this is nowhere near the end for them. The company has already released a set of collectible coins, M2Bio Kwoins, which was designed by their team of international artists. They are looking to release more digital art and get further into the NFT hype. For them, it’s not just about the sciences. It is also about the art and the company is excited to expand their NFT domain. 

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Medicinal Magician Kwoin 5 NFT (source)

Environmentally friendly NFTs going forward

It’s all about taking a step in the right direction. There are many reasons to be critical towards the environmental effects of NFTs. However, the technology can be used to promote sustainability. The M2Bio surfboards are not alone in this message. Recently NFTs of Chloe and Theo were put on auction to raise funds to continue to promote the importance of looking after the environment. This film touches upon climate change and urges people to think about the urgency of this.

Nonetheless, the real issue with NFTs is not necessarily the artwork’s message that they are attached to but rather the platform on which they are created. Ethereum is in the phase of moving to a better processing mechanism, but this is taking a while. In the meantime, there are blockchain alternatives such as Tezos that are trying to cater the environment. There is tons of work that needs to be done. It seems the question is not only how far blockchain technology can be developed, but instead, what it can do to be more considerate of the world it was created in.

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