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Alethea AI raises $16 Million to create new Intelligent NFTs

Matthew Fleischman

The company behind “Intelligent NFTs”, Alethea AI, raises $16 Million in a private token sale from big players. This includes Mark Cuban, Dapper Labs, and

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, seem to be all the fastest-growing fad on the blockchain recently. The blockchain digital token technology granting authenticity and ownership of assets, can’t seem to stop people throwing money at it. Cryptopunks and jpegs of rocks are selling for millions of dollars every day, with prices growing by the minute.  Collections of Apes and Dinos in jerseys are melting people’s hearts and wallets.  Artists and Musicians are getting in on the action too.

One company is looking at this new technology that people are buzzing about and wants to make it… smarter.   Alethea AI, looked at NFTs, still or animated images, sports collectibles,  music, and everything else and felt something missing.  An interactiveness to bring these to life. 

Ok NFT… Do something!

You just bought a CryptoPunk and are wondering, cool what does it do?  Alethea AI, wants to answer that question.

Alethea AI is creating what they consider to be the foundation for Artificial Intelligence integration into NFTs.  Consequently, they call these ‘intelligent NFTs” or iNFTs.  They hope to build a scalable AI infrastructure for NFTs, one that would allow NFTs to be animated, interactive, and intelligent.  The company is working with Open AI technology, a learning AI that can create natural responses to questions.  They hope to integrate this kind of AI into NFTs, making them more than what we have now.

“There is a Cambrian explosion in innovation and creativity happening in the NFT space, with [avatar communities] launching at a scale and speed we never thought possible. Whether it is Penguins or Bored Apes, new intellectual property is being created from the bottom-up, without the involvement of major corporate studios or large budgets. Creators and communities will soon demand to do more with their NFTs creating meaningfully rich, free-flowing and interactive consumer experiences built on a crypto-native stack, and we’ll be making that possible through the Alethea AI protocol.”

Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI

Want your Bored Ape to sigh at you when they are bored? Want your NFT real estate property to remind you to mow the grass in the Metaverse? What about a CryptoPunk to join a Rap Battle? Want your EtherRock to….. Ok, that one might not work, but you get the point.

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Althea AI believes their iNFTs can greatly improve NFTs’ value and they are not alone.

Alethea AI’s good idea finds backers

This past week, Althea AI held a private and restricted token sale to a group of crypto and game investors.  Subsequently, investors wanting to back the company, that hopes to make the NFT metaverse closer to Star Trek Holodecks or the VR world in the novel Ready Player One, raise $16 million.  

Some of the investors who backed the company that might just be making Skynet include, Capital, Mark Cuban, Dapper Labs, Galaxy Interactive, Andrew Steinwold, Meltem De Mirrors, Sid Jain, Haseeb Qureshi, Ravindra Kumar, Gabby Dizon, Jeff Morris Jr, Mike Dudas, DCInvestor, Gmoney NFT, and Bitscale.

“While NFTs have continued to be exciting for collectors, I always try to invest in what is coming next. Alethea AI has managed to uniquely combine AI-powered Avatars that are secured on-chain as NFTs. The result is not only fun and entertaining but the foundation for a level of interactivity that is going to advance quickly using Alethea’s technologies.”

Alethea AI token buyer – Shark Mark Cuban

In the end, Alethea says they plan to use the influx of funds from the token sale to not only upgrade their current projects but push forward with new and exciting ones.

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